NEDIX GROUP has a wide range of Business Solutions. Please see some of them in next list with all the solution description:

Software dedicated to Companies

We develop business solutions to achieve client needs. Our service includes preliminary analysis to identify Client needs. Then we develop and implement the solution and finally we take in charge the training with the Client.

Some examples of this type of solutions are:

  • Invoice control system
  • Stock control system
  • Salary control system
  • Documents control system


NEDIX GROUP offers solution focused in e-commerce companies.

We offer websites tallow the client to control their catalogue and stock, price and promos management, shipments, multi-currency platforms, and multiple pay systems.

E-learning platforms

We are focused in training institutions and companies dedicated to education. We offer platforms to facilitate the online education and to have more autodidact students.

ERP (Entreprise Resource Planning)

Portfolio of products oriented to develop platforms to manage the administrative processes. It includes software for commercial managements, resources planning, etc.

Finance Management

It includes solutions oriented to facilitate and improve finance management processes. We adapt the software to each client taking into account: invoice management, budget balance, etc.

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