A mobile application or App is a software design to be executed in last generation mobile phones (smartphones), tablets or other mobile devices.

Smartphones y tablets

Nedix Group transforms your ideas in your dreamed apps. One blanket page ready to design your requirements, wishes or needs. Nedix expert team will work together with you to get all your ideas and propose to you an ambitious project to better position your company as a leader innovation company in your sector.

Nedix Group will go with you from the design phase of your APP until completing the App launching. Nedix Group, thanks to his multidisciplinary team, will build a strategic marketing plan to position your App in the market. .


They are oriented to companies and particular people who want to innovate, accelerate their processes, reduce costs. We will adapt any process to new technologies.


An innovated solution to plan new loyalty campaigns to increase their clients and to project an innovate and modern image. 


They are oriented to people who want to make changes in their quotidian life. These APPs are oriented to facilitate daily activities, adapting them to each individual person.


We propose to you to personalize your event invitations, including all data needed to manage all event agenda details, event maps and other useful details. They can be develop to big company events or to individual events to share easily and faster all event details with all the attendees.


It includes APPs to facilitate money exchange rate, stock-market rates, to manage your budget.

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