Please find below a list of some of the projects done by our team in web design:




Sepco - Sembrar para Cosechar is a NGO based in La Paz which is focus on working for the women development, kids and environment contributing with an added value to the society and contributing to educate the coming society about the social problems



Instituto Pascal is an educational Company which Works to investigate new learning strategies and to develop intelligence. More than 35 years guarantee their results; more than 300.00 students have studied in Instituto Pascal.



Touch Bijou is a Company dedicated to build and commercialized new high quality handmade bijouterie and jewelry products. They offer personalized products than can be even designed by their customers..



DRINKARD is a member card which lets you to get 1 free drink at dinner time in several restaurants. You can use your member card any times as you wish. You only need to buy this card in their website.



WEST COAST STYLE had born in 1995 importing Streetwear USA trends to distribute them in the Spanish market. Now they are opening their new online shop to get easier access to their products